Viv Technologies™ Connected Home Care® drives digital transformation across the home care industry through software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and mobile apps purpose-engineered to help multi-site home care businesses operate more easily and efficiently for both telehealth and your home care management and business processes.

The Bayada Way Login Screen Powered by Viv

The Bayada Way Login Screen - Powered by Viv

Viv Multi-site Home Care Business Services

With our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, we provide the software tools to enable your support staff and care teams to configure and program their process automation independently,  without outside engineering intervention.

Scheduling Services

Intelligently automate your care team’s  visit scheduling and routing

Compliance Management Services

Electronic visit verification and regulatory compliance

Human Resources Services

Automate your care team hiring, training, and compliance management

Financial Services

Simplify payee billing and caregiver payroll

Analytics Services

Healthcare data research, aggregation and analysis

Business Services

Viv staff can also provide additional business services, including consulting with you to further customize our SaaS services for your business process improvement and automation.

Viv Software Service Modules

Viv software features everything a multi-site home care agency needs to improve quality and enjoy greater efficiencies.

Care Plan Management

Caregiver HR Management


Clinical Monitoring

Real-time Chat


Financial Reporting

Compliance Management

Intake Management

Finance Management


Viv Downloadable Apps

Highly intuitive and easy-to-use, the Viv Caregiver App and Viv Family App are downloadable native iOS and Android apps that increase efficiencies for home care teams while providing greater accountability for patients and their families.

Viv Caregiver App

Instant access to caregiver schedules, travel routes, client profiles, and care plans

Jobs matching and application that fit the caregiver’s skills, schedule, and location

Real-time reporting and communication with back office, care team and families

Time tracking and advanced electronic visit verification

Viv Family App

Family members receive status updates from the caregiver

Real-time communication between family members and care team

Viv Virtual Care and Communications

Viv provides Connected Home Care®, which combines an advanced telehealth platform with real-time and asynchronous virtual care and telecommunications. Utilizing our proficiency in delivering networked applications that link our server-based software services, along with our server-connected mobile applications, we help you monitor and schedule home care and healthcare appointments, telehealth sessions, and also help you manage your staff.

Communicate between clinicians, caregivers and families

Coordinate care and automate urgent clinical care alerts

Connect your management systems, clients, and care teams

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